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Think Green,Think RETU

Retu Doors LogoIn This Global Worming Era, the Forests are being cut at a Very Rapid. And that’s Main Reason, All Countries Are Regulation the Forests cutting as to Save the Environment Which Effects the supply of Natural Wood.

Normally, The Conventional Wooden Doors Are Being from the Natural Wood Which cans Not Be Seasoned as Per the Standard Requirement and the Demand of The Market. As, Semi-Seasoned Woods Are Used In Manufacturing Wooden Doors and Wooden Flush Doors, The Said Doors Are Not All Weather Proof. Particularly, During Monsoon Time, The Dimensions of Wooden Flush Doors Are Being Changing as Per The Atmosphere. In Addition, the Manufacturing Process Is being Also Affected Adversely In Some Season Like in Monsoon Due To Heavy Rainfall or High Percentage of Humidity in The Atmosphere.

Retu DoorsConsidering All The Said Factors Affection The Total Production of Doors, We Have Tried At Optimum Level to Overcome The Shortcoming of Conventional Wooden Doors By Introducing The Advance Technology And The Imported Artificial Raw Materials to Be Used Inside. The Fillers which We Are Using For Manufacturing “RETU” Doors Could Not Be a Affected in Any Season Resulting Dimensional Stability And Are Eco-Friendly Which is The Keen Need in This Global Worming Era.

So, Make Your Designed Dreams Come True And Pledge To Save Worming Earth By Using “RETU” Doors.


Fiber Teh is a part of one of the fastest gerowing bussiness group having its turnover around 700 Cr. and is having vast experiance in the field of cement, Diesel Engine, Construction & infrastucture, Decorative Laminated, Cotton Ginning, Hydraulic systems, Eartmoving machinery and Agricultural Equipments. Such a vast experience of different fields has provided us the fundamental understandinf of business challeges which is faced by any global company in today's world.

Fiber Tech is spread over 15 acred of lush land, Fiber Tech is having covered manufacture area od 33,000 sq.. Ft. in addition to 10,000 sq. Ft. of raw material storage area. Fiber Tech is also having fully furnished administrative area 4,000 sq. Ft. eith all basic amenities, latest computer system and broad band internet facility.

Mission Statement


Vision Statement

At FTC, our Vision to REVOLITIONIZE the market by continually coming up with new and INNOVATIVE doors through R&D in an ECO FRIENDLY Way that is by REDUCING THE USE OF WOOD as much as possiible. Also by 2017 FTC to become one of the premier doors manufacturing company, offering elegent, superior quality doors all over the world. Being the premier door manufacturing companty does not mean being the biggest but it does mean being the best in terms od CONSUMER VAKUE, TIMELY DELIVERY, EMPLOYEE TALENT, and consistent and predictable GROWTH.


Being a PIONEER, It's my great pleasure to introduce one of the most innovative prouct i.e. "RETU" doors to this dynamic industries which will change the notion of the era. in today's world unezpected natural calamities occurring due to global warming id increasing id increasing day by dar and stop this or at least to minimized this preventive steps should be taken at the earliest. henceforth first and forenost to sace our earth, all human being are supposed to save the natiral resources. Forests being one of the most vital part of our earth, restraining the cutting of trees from our side must save save them.

Our main objective for making these "RETU" doors is to give most aesthetic look to the door by using as much less wood as possible. by keeping this in minf, use of naturalwood for manufaturing "RETU" doors is limited to it's frame and for the sake of the essential fittings only, as we firmly believe that our product must be one of the most eco-friedly in the door industry.

Having 2.5 mm thick industrial Laminate sheets on the faces of the doors is ensuring the SOLIDITY of te "RETU" doors. In addition we have successfully reduced the overrall weight of the "RETU" doors by using high-density puff fillers, which canot be affected adversely in ant season, which automatically make "RETU" doors as SEASON PROOF.

AS a "RETU" doors manufacturing unit, we are committef to fulfill all the dreams and desired of our customers by providing them superor quality "RETU" doors which will be long lasting and ever green aesthetically.

Application of RETU Doors

  • Main Doors
  • Living Room
  • Bed Room
  • Bath Room
  • Kitchen
  • Washing Yard
  • Terrace
  • Corporate office
  • Industries Shade

Advantages of RETU Doors

Available RETU Doors Skins

Available Design

Retu Doors Designs Retu Doors for Bunglows

Available Texture

In RETU Door We Offer Six Types of Textured Finishes Like

Retu Doors Textures Retu Doors for Villas

RETU Doors by Fiber Tech Composite RETU Doors Technical Layer Specification

Layer No.1

Water Resisting, High Abrasive Resisting, Wear Resisting Melamine Coated Fiber Layer.

Layer No.2

Decorative, High Abrasive & Wear Resisting Fiber Layer.

Layer No.3

High Strength, Very Low Toxic, Termite Proof, Pnenol Bonded Fiber Composite Layer.

Layer No.4

Light Weight, High Strength Hollow Particle Board.

Layer No.5

Seasined Wooden Frame.

Layer No.6

Space For Handle & Lock

Comparison Chart of RETU DOOR

Property RETU Door Wooden Door PVC Door
Ready To use
Light Weight
Esthetic Look
Impect Resistance
Scratch Resistance
Enviroment Friendly
Dimensional Stabillity
Water Retardant
Maintenance free
Wide Range of Colours
Wide Range of Design
Wide Range of Textures
Size Alterability

Available Size of RETU DOOR

Height Width Tichness
MM Inch MM Inch MM
1830 72 610 24
1905 75 685 27
1981 78 762 30
2057 81 838 33
2134 84 915 36
2210 87 990 39
2286 90 1067 42
Customized Thickness, Design, Texture & Colour Can Be Offered On Request

Guidelines For Application RETU Doors

For altering RETU doors, High Carbide Sharp tools are highly recommenciad.

It is advisable to remove BOPP self Adhesive film only after final installation

Standarf paint or Polish must be applied on the edges of the RETU doors to minimize the weater effects.

The Locks, Handles, stoppers or any other accessories must be applies on specified spaces only.

If any other accessories other than Handle, Lock, Stopper and Hanger need to be applied on the RETU doors, should be instructed at the time of order.

The RETU foors shall br cleaned with ordinary soal or household ammonuated liquid detergent.

For Stubborn stain, use diluted organic or stain remover.

Abrasive cleaners and wired brushes are not recommended.

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